Frequently asked question and solution

What is the test standard of Membrane’s tempered glass screen protector?
QC inspection is arranged in every production steps to check thickness, models, appearance, and so on. And at the same time, our tempered glass screen protector need pass a series of functional tests like Temperature Cycling Test, Fingerprint Proof Test, Contact Angle Test, Hardness Test and Drop Ball Test.

What functions does Membrane tempered glass screen protector own?
Membrane tempered glass screen protector is anti-fingerprint with hydro-oleophobic treatment surface. It has 9H hardness to avoid explosion or drop. We use imported silicone to ensure a bubble-free application. 

What does the privacy angle refer to?
The horizontal viewing angle is 180 degree before applying the protector on the screen, but it will become small after you paste it on the screen. We can not only watch it from the frontage of screen, but also from positive visible to both sides expanding into a certain angle formed in the interval fan. However, we cannot see from the other side (The words and pictures cannot be clearly recognized because of the dim screen).If a product is advertised that its privacy degree is 60 degree, that means we can watch the screen normally if the positive side is perpendicular (to left or to right 30 degree]), and if it is 60 degree above, it will become the blind area of privacy protector.

Does the privacy angel the smaller, the better?
If the privacy angle is small that the density of window-blinds will be very high, caused the material of privacy film mix with superfine window-blinds, in that case, it will greatly lower light transmittance and affect using. At present, the 60 degree privacy angle is more popular in the market, the effect of privacy is good, and the reducing degree of transmittance never causes big effect on normal use.

What is difference between ultra clear protector and clear protector of Membrane?
General transparent film has higher transmittance of 90% and anti-scratch of 4H, also processes a good absorption. But it is easier to produce bubble when using it, so we have to use cloth and card to exhaust, but Membrane protector use optical base material, not only characterized with general transparent protector, but also with more than 93% high transmittance, no rainbow phenomenon, and have strong automatic adsorption, it will automatically exhaust without card, make the whole process can easily finish.