All-around quality control

We have strict quality management system, including quality program, IQC, process of production quality control, finished products quality control and reliability tests that equipped with professional machines and instruments. We have trained a team of quality control persons with high responsibility to ensure standards and good efficiency of every process in manufacture. 

IQC and process control

According to grade MIL-STD-105E II, set out specific standard of material inspection. Based on requirement of products, make out inspection standard for production, audit the process to confirm every process meets the requirement.

Test for appearance and function of product

With standard of customized product’s appearance and function, our screen protector is provided with perfect visual effect.

Reliability test

We are not only strict with material and produce process, but for potential quality risk of products, can arrange reliability tests –anti-shock, anti-scratch, high-low temperature, and adhesive strength to guarantee long-term stability of quality.

Testing Capability
Our testing capability mainly focuses on appearance and functions of products and acts as an important role—strict quality control in glass production and pasting process.

Testing of glass quality: Transparency detection—a guarantee for testing transmittance quality. Quadratic element is assurance for testing products size. With more professional testing equipments and trained workers, all can ensure normal production, high passed rate of trial production and good detection rate.

Functional testing of finished product: Tests of anti-shock, anti-scratch and aging resistance ensure accuracy and specific in process of functional test. We have professional testing tools, testing equipments, sound test procedures and improved testing specifications with rigorous test team to guarantee product quality at all times. 

Quality Policy

Oriented quality, innovating development, efficient service, sustainable management.